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Auto Delivery Rooted in Industry Experience

When it comes to auto transport services, we understand you have options. With more than 15 years of auto transport experience, here’s why you can feel confident in choosing First Source Auto for your car transport services.

Why Choose First Source Auto

Affordable Cost

Our prices are competitive with the auto transport industry, and we’re upfront about all fees included in your service(s).


When you have questions, our owner answers. Let’s walk through your team’s unique needs and collaborate on a solution to meet your timeline. We’ll communicate along the way—checking in 24 hours ahead of your pickup to address any final questions.

Damage-Free and On-Time Delivery

Rest assured that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition it left the pickup location. The First Source Auto team takes all necessary safety and route precautions to ensure the safety of your vehicle(s).

Industry-Leading Transport Management System

Our transport activities are done efficiently and effectively, and our system is designed to track, monitor, and optimize our operations. This means accurate records and improved customer service.

An Auto Shipping Company Born in Service

When vehicles need to be moved, it shouldn’t be a circus. With a straight-forward, relationship-first approach, First Source Auto was born in service to car dealerships, auto auctions, and fleets.

The complexities that come with auto delivery shouldn’t worry our customers, and with First Source Auto, it never does. With leadership who understands the nuances, complexities, and competing priorities of our busy, spread-thin customer, First Source Auto is the industry’s trusted partner for auto transport services.

We’re in it for the long haul—committed to human touch, honesty, reliability, fast delivery, and a relationship that will always be solution oriented.

To our team, trust is stronger than a transaction and integrity goes farther than a quick win. Doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it, is what you can count on.

About Our Owner

Our owner—JD Glover—brings 20 years of automotive industry experience to First Source Auto. The beginning of his career was spent in managing wholesale auto auctions. In 2013, JD launched a startup business in the automotive logistics space, transporting cars across the United States for automotive manufacturers, dealers, and rental car companies.

“I’ve been working in the industry a long time,” says JD. “I’ve been in my customers’ shoes and take an empathetic and transparent approach to my business. If we can’t do a job, we won’t. I know what we can do and we’re proud of the work we’ve done.”

His experience in dealing with a wide range of customers—from retail to business-to-business clients—gave him a unique perspective on each person’s needs. Customers know the First Source Auto team will always have their top interest in mind, which aligns with our laser-focused approach to raising the bar when it comes to providing the ultimate customer experience.

He keeps busy outside of business, coaching local sports teams and cheering on his four children. His family enjoys spending time with family, friends, and neighbors—plus their pups. Chief’s games, pool time, and trips to Arizona round out the list of favorite hobbies for this busy family.

Get a Quote

Are you interested in hiring First Source Auto to haul your recent multi-vehicle purchase? We help dealerships, auto auctions, fleets, and private owners save time—and get back to what they do best—while we focus on providing a smooth and timely process.