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Let’s Get Your Auto Auction Inventory Moving—Quicker

Car Transport That Meets Your Auto Auction’s
Ever-Evolving Volume Needs

Getting cars on your auto auction lot takes coordination and time finding and vetting the right partners to help your business grow. We work with transportation managers, like you, to increase drop off speed to your new car owners or your lot, all while handling all the details in-between.

How We Work with Auto Auctions


An Extension of Your Auto Team
Your auto auction teams just sold most of the cars in the lot—now, your team shouldn’t have to scramble to fill it back up. Let the First Source Auto team do the cross-country traveling while you build up your next auction.

Whether you have 30 cars coming from 30 locations, or 75 cars coming from 30 locations, our team has the capacity to haul your single- and multi-vehicle purchases.

We work with auto auction transportation managers two different ways:

Purchases From Your Auction: We can deliver cars from your auto auctions cross-country to their new owners.
Purchases to Your Auction: Once you’ve sold your lot and sourced your next vehicles, we’ll focus on the auto transport details.

Speedy Nationwide Pickup & Delivery
You’ve sourced your cars—we’ll work quickly to get them delivered to their new owners, or to your lot so that they can be processed for your next auto auction. We have trusted partnerships with dealerships across the country, and understand that you may have purchased their excess inventory to sell quickly.

Transportation managers can also rest easy knowing that First Source Auto uses a state-of-the-art transportation management system to track routes and ensure the safety of your car transport.

Hear from Our

Customers want answers about when they can expect their vehicle to be delivered ASAP. I can rely on JD for fast response time and I can trust him to get vehicles picked up in a timely manner. JD has the best customer service. He is very down to earth and all-around professional guy.”

— Shandi Van Dolah, Mid Kansas Auto Auction

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Are you interested in hiring First Source Auto to haul your recent multi-vehicle purchase? We help dealerships, auto auctions, fleets, and private owners save time—and get back to what they do best—while we focus on providing a smooth and timely process.