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How We Work

Our Car Shipping Process

Here are the top three questions our dealer, auto auction, fleet, and individual service partners frequently ask us about our auto transport process.


What can I expect from my quote?

Our relationship-first approach means we prioritize our partners’ unique auto transport needs over making a sale. We’ll be in touch within two business days of your quote request—or call—with pricing and route details.

We’re experienced in single and multi-vehicle transport and provide competitive pricing with a focus on reliability.


What can I expect from my pick up?

Our customers are focused on selling and growing their businesses—we focus on delivering the cars they need to add fuel to their business. This means we do what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it. We’ll give you a call 24 hours ahead of your scheduled pickup to confirm the final details. This is the time to also walk through any final questions you may have.

At pickup, we’ll do a walk through of your vehicle—with you—so that we’re on the same page about how it will arrive to your destination. From there, we’re focused a safe and efficient delivery.

First Source Auto provides auto transport services to the lower 48 states. We do not provide service to Alaska or Hawaii at this time.


What can I expect from my delivery?

We use a state-of-the-art transport management system so that we can track, monitor, and optimize our transportation operations. This also means updated records and improved partner service.

 Learn About Our Easy, Three-Step Auto Transport Process

Our Process

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Are you interested in hiring First Source Auto to haul your recent multi-vehicle purchase? We help dealerships, auto auctions, fleets, and private owners save time—and get back to what they do best—while we focus on providing a smooth and timely process.