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You Can Find First Source Auto Nationwide

Fast Cross-Country Auto Transport

In this industry, we know time really is money, which is why we have auto transport experts located across the country. Our team moves fast—which can include multiple driver pickups at the same time—to get your car(s) to you quickly and safely.

When we say we provide nationwide auto transport services, we mean it.

First Source Auto transports vehicles within the lower 48 states.

Auto Transport Options

Uncovered Car Transport

This is our most popular and cost-effective auto transport option for our dealership, auto action, and fleet owners. Rest assured your cars are safe with our team—we use a state-of-the-art travel transport management system to track and monitor our vehicles.

Covered Car Transport

A covered car transport is sometimes a preferred auto transport option—especially for vintage car owners. If you prefer your vehicle(s) are covered during their transport, please let us know and we will provide this in your car shipping quote. Our travel transport management system is also used in this option.

Not Sure Which Auto Transport Option is Best?

The First Source Auto team is also happy to provide a quote for both uncovered and covered auto transport options—just let us know!

Get a Quote

Are you interested in hiring First Source Auto to haul your recent multi-vehicle purchase? We help dealerships, auto auctions, fleets, and private owners save time—and get back to what they do best—while we focus on providing a smooth and timely process.